Get to Know Us


Hey There!

We’re Maribeth and Cody, owners of LaLathreads and Organic Baby Love. We met two years ago at a pop up shop and totally hit it off. We are two former teachers who left the classroom after having our sweet babies. 

We started meeting monthly with a group of other small shop owners to talk business (and have conversations with adults without our kids crawling up our legs and screaming like maniacs). Shout out to our other OG gals from Edith Inspired and Modern Roots Kids Co!

It was at these happy hours that the beginning of Made with Love Markets was born. We love the small shop community. We love the makers. We love the customers. We seriously love all of it...but we felt like there wasn’t a re-occurring market that truly captured all of the goodness that is the beautiful small shop world. 

So we started the groundwork on building one for ourselves. And we did. And it’s been a wild ride. And you all have rallied around us. Cheered us on. Joined our lineup. Shared our event. Loved us. Encouraged us. 

Our dream of having a space for makers to come together, sell their gorgeous goods, connect with the people who come out to shop, and show the world what the small shop community is all about, is becoming a reality. Our first season is upon us and we are so excited to offer Gilbert something FRESH, something ENERGETIC, and something truly full of LOVE. The goods you’ll find at the market are lovingly made and the people you'll find there believe in community above anything else. Coincidentally, that’s the same driving force behind what we do: love. 
Cody + Maribeth