Apply for the Fall 2019-2020 Season

We are already sold out for November 30th, December 7th, December 14th, and all other fall dates are almost sold out and spring dates are moving in that direction. This registration is for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 season. We sell out fast and are expecting to be sold out by the end of summer so we suggest not waiting on booking dates for fall or spring. You will receive and approval or denial email so please make sure your email on your application is accurate.

If you are a returning vendor who has already been at a market, you can login with your previous login information. Please remember to complete the question that asks if you were a vendor with us before. If you did not login when we prompted you to back in January, your login is your email and the password:123456 , you must change your password after login. This applies to all approved vendors from fall 2018.

Please note we charge a $25 non-refundable application fee for new vendors. If you are not charged through the system, we will invoice you within 24-48 hours. We also do not offer refunds or date exchanges for any reason. We do not allow vendors to sell or trade other vendors their spaces. By applying and/or purchasing dates you agree to these policies. We greatly appreciate your understanding! We check applications once a month, please be patient.

We have the right to cancel any vendor for any reason if we believe that you are not a good fit for Made with Love based on attitude, breaking rules that cause the safety of others to be threatened, the inability to get along with others including Made with Love staff, town employees, or other vendors, or if we believe you have copied somebody else's ideas. By purchasing dates you are agreeing to the above guidelines and are agreeing that you have read them thoroughly.


Table: $50

10x10: $69

Fall or Spring Bundle (5 dates for one or the other):

Table Bundle: $240 10x10 Bundle: $325

(Fall bundles sold out)

Season Pass (all dates): SOLD OUT

Table: $775 10x10: $1049

If you have any questions, please email us. Please re-read through the directions and past emails. If you still need help you can email us at Thanks a million!